Craig Thompson - Season 4, Episode 2

cover art by Craig Thompson

Exclusives! Scoops! HOT HOT HOT cartoonists! We have it all here in this episode of the Comix Claptrap. Excitement abounds as the ever-so talented comic artist Craig Thompson comes out of his work-tank to discuss his forthcoming, highly-anticipated graphic novel Habibi. It's stunning, people! Just stunning! We talk about his 7 years of making this epic novel and how awesome it is being a rock star cartoonist. We also bother another awesome cartoonist while they are stuck in a pretzel , and talk to Josh about, well, no new comics. Listen to this! We are proud and the most professional we have ever been!

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R.L. McVicar said…
A trick for the iphone/ipod touch is to quickly slide right across a podcast in the podcast section of "ipod" then you'll be asked if you want to delete it.
Everything I know about comics I learned by listening to the Comix Claptrap.

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