Tom Kaczynski - Season 3, Episode 8

a panel from Trans Utopia by Tom Kaczynski

In this episode we talk to one of the smartest men in comics, Tom Kaczynski who just came out with a new mini-comic, Trans Utopia. We talk about his comics-making process, as well as his newly-formed comics publishing company Uncivilized Books which has produced books by Gabrielle Bell, Jon Lewis, and Daniel Thomas Wieken. Also we "try" to talk new comics with Josh, and debate about comics laureates and the fine art of critiquing comics. Have a listen, this one was fun!

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Ras Yeti said…
Oh shit, a Little Prince tramp stamp! HaHaHaHahahaha, that's pure G!

Also: This was a really inspiring interview. One of my top shows from this season. Great job!

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