Chris Cilla - Season 4, Episode 3

Cover art by Chris Cilla

Recorded a couple days before SPX, Thien and Rina discuss Rina's experience of being an Ignatz judge and of course all hell breaks loose. We apologize in advance. (Rina has actually recommended that you just skip that part and start the podcast at the 10:00 minute mark where they crank call one of their favorite Chicago cartoonists!) They spend the rest of the podcast with a fun, spirited discussion with cartoonist's cartoonist, Chris Cilla about his Ignatz-nominated book The Heavy Hand, his comics influences and working with publisher and our dear friend Dylan Williams. Also, somewhere in all of this, Josh recommends the latest Jacques Tardi book.

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Also we want to take the time to ask you to donate to the Dylan Williams Scholarship Fund, bid on some wonderful art pieces or buy books from Sparkplug Comic books to help Dylan's family. The links are below.

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Casper said…
It is funny that you mention the 'Inkstuds' laugh. I like 'Inkstuds' but the laughing is just nuts. I've searched to try to find any sort of discussion of it but have had no luck, so I guess I'll give my thoughts here...

To me, 98% of the time it seems like there's been nothing said to laugh at, but Robin laughs like a punchline was just given. And the laughing doesn't sound real, it sounds almost like a mocking laugh you'd do to insult someone. And he drags it out so damn long too, that's the worst part. He'll laugh for literally 20 - 30 seconds after someone tells him what city they live in.

I don't think it's a compulsion he has though, like a tick, because there's been a few episodes where he hasn't injected this nonsensical laugh, I can recall being surprised by that a few times. Because of this, I think maybe he does his laugh because he thinks it makes the guest comfortable or more talkative or something. If not that, I don't know, but completely crazy it is.

I'm not meaning this to insult him either, his laugh itself sounds normal enough, but all the time I'm left asking what the hell is he laughing about, then as he continues laughing it grows more and more irritating.

I very much like The Comix Claptrap, I should also say, while I'm here. I got no criticisms.

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