Warren Craghead - Season 3, Episode 5

a page from Warren Craghead's The Surf and The Face

We make one last special guest co-host episode before Thien comes back, and it's a doozy! This time Rina shares the mic and some quality laffs with Renee French, cartoonist extraordinaire and author of the critically-acclaimed H-Day. In this episode, they get to talk to the one and only, Warren Craghead about inspirations, his unique take on comics and art-making, the drawing process as well as a shocking secret that he finally reveals to Rina about his family history. Also we talk new comics with always-classy Josh Frankel. This is one of our favorites and I'm sure it will be one of yours too! Hear it!


Matthew S. said…
Yes we want Thien back!
Ras Yeti said…
Best show yet! I was really digging what Craghead had to say about art. Now I'm going to look and find out what his stuff is like.

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