Tim Hensley - Season 8 - Episode 1

After a 2-year "hiatus", the Comix Claptrap gang is BACK! We kick off the season with a great interview with Tim Hensley about his latest comic "Sir Alfred," a humorous homage to Alfred Hitchcock and a stunning example of the publishing prowess of Alvin Buenaventura who passed away shortly before the release of this book. We talk to Tim about his inspirations, his meticulous comics process and working with Alvin. Also Rina, Thien and Josh celebrate the new and exciting comics coming out this year.


vollsticks said…
Such a great listen....Hensley is one of the best cartoonists of all time, without a doubt. I bought Sir Alfred twice, not out of any "investment " possibilities--just because a) such a great cartoonist deserves my unwavering support and b) I got it into my head to frame the print. I got a nice frame but just can't bring myself to, as yet....! Thanks again for a great interview!

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