Annie Koyama - Season 4, Episode 1

Kick Ass Annie logo, by Aaron Leighton

Season 4 begins, finally! Thien returns from his Level Up! tour with Gene Yang, and Rina takes a break from ridiculous non-comics obsessions to interview thee "Kick Ass" Annie Koyama, publisher of Toronto-based Koyama Press, one of the most exciting publishing houses to start up in recent years. We talk about the experiences that jump-started her career in comics, the artists that she's worked with, and of course Toronto comics gossip and hockey/baseball mania. We also continue our fun segment, the Comix Cranktrap and crank call a "Giant" in the Asian pop culture/lifestyle magazine industry. And yes, we talk to ever so jovial, Josh Frankel about Comic Con, new books from Kate Beaton and Lewis Trondheim and the latest industry news. We've called this one the "Womyn Empowerment" episode! So, RESPECT, sista!

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Aijung Kim said…
what an inspiring lady! it's great to hear about the publishing end of comics. she sounds wonderful!

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