Sammy Harkham - Season 3, Episode 11

cover of Crickets 3, by Sammy Harkham

We end our unbelievable 3rd season with an intense conversation with gifted cartoonist and influential editor of the Kramers Ergot anthology series, Sammy Harkham. We discuss his latest comic, Crickets 3, the writing process, some exciting projects in the works, and Rina's favorite, LA cartoonists gossip. Also, the always-delightful, Josh Frankel talks about new comics and new comic stores in Berkeley, while Rina and Thien talk about the excitement of Wondercon. Also, to end the season just right, we added a new segment to the program called the Comix Cranktrap. This is one of our very favorites, we think it'll be yours too. Listen!

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Comics Bonfire said…
yes! new claptrap with Harkham! Thien rulz to the max! Rina is ok too.
August said…
when does season 4 begin?
Ras Yeti said…
Another Season 3, Episode 10!? You're flipping my lid here kids. Was this the variant cover foil embossed one?

Great show, though! One of my favorites so far (along with the Warren Craghead & Tom Kaczynski interviews).

Hate Beard Rules!
Nick Mullins said…
I finally got around to listening to this. Great interview. It's a bit eery though how much Harkham's daily life resembles my own.
Aijung Kim said…
loved sammy's thorough descriptions of his daily life and process. very inspiring.
Jessy Ryder said…
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