Johnny Ryan - Season 2, Episode 2

We kick off 2010 with comic artist, Johnny Ryan, creator of the painfully hilarious Angry Youth Comix, as well as Comic Book Holocaust and Blecky Yuckarella strips. In this episode, we talk to him about his newest book, Prison Pit, Book 1, his comics process, and rate who is the best fighter in comics. We also share our latest finds from the 2009 Alternative Press Expo with our very own Josh Frankel, as well as discuss this whole business about cartoonists having babies all of a sudden. What's that about!?! Have a listen!

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Alan said…
I believe there was a much earlier missed connections comic in an issue of Drawn & Quarterly by that cartoonist/musician who isn't Archie Prewitt and whose name has escaped me (but was from a band called 'Railroad' something).
Alan said…
And as for making comics after having kids, I like this comic of Chris Ware describing how he managed it with his daughter:

I like to imagine that he'll follow that basic 'feed her til she falls asleep and then feed her again' approach until she's like, 25.

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