Monday, July 2, 2012

Dan Zettwoch - Season 5, Episode 3

cover art by Dan Zettwoch

Thien and Rina were delighted to talk to exciting and innovative cartoonist, printmaking extraordinare and pal, Dan Zettwoch. Dan took time out from watching the Cardinals game to discuss his new book Birdseye Bristoe, his intricate hand-made minicomics, and our favorite -- reality TV programming. We had lots of fun! Also Josh talks new comics like Gabrielle Bell's latest book, July Diary, while Thien and Rina recap their experiences at the ALA and CAKE shows this past June! Celebrate the July 4th fireworks while listening to this great episode!

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Friday, May 4, 2012

Souther Salazar - Season 5, Episode 2

Thien and Rina are happy to talk to one of their favorite artists, cartoonists, zinesters, Souther Salazar, who talks about his ambitious art and community-inspired traveling project, The Trading Tortoise. If you haven't donated to the project's kickstarter campaign, do it now! His perspective on making art was inspiring to us and I think it will make you go out and start making zines right now too. We also talk to Josh about exciting new comics from Retrofit Comics and crazy stuff from Image Comics. Give it a whirl!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Tom Hart - Season 5, Episode 1

a panel from Tom Hart's Daddy Lightning

We begin the new year with a thoughtful interview with Tom Hart, creater of Hutch Owen and founder of the Sequential Artists Workshop (The SAW!), a new comics school in Gainsville, Floria. Tom talks more about the school, the move to Gainsville and his upcoming projects with a new Hutch Owen collection and Daddy Lightning with Retrofit Comics. We also talk to Josh about comics we are looking forward to in 2012. Welcome back everyone!

Errata Stigmata: Tom wanted to point out that he mistakenly credited Richard Outcault for creating The Happy Hooligan. The author of The Happy Hooligan is actually Frederick Opper while Outcault is the creator of The Yellow Kid. Thanks, Tom. He's so hard on himself.

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