Lauren Weinstein - Season 4, Episode 5

Introducing Miss Ellie! drawn by Lauren Weinstein

Just in time for your thanksgiving holiday, we bring you an ever so delightful interview with funny and talented, Lauren Weinstein. We talk about the new comics she's been posting on her blog, exciting upcoming projects, the crazy experiences of parenthood and how that all has affected her comics process, storytelling and her sanity! Also Rina gives us the scoop on her time at the Minneapolis Indie Expo and Josh finds a surprise inside the new Love and Rockets: New Stories #4! A great episode to listen to while traveling to your various turkey/tofurkey dinner parties! Gobble! Gobble!

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Aijung Kim said…
Great episode! It's really interesting for me to hear how artists adjust to growing older and parenthood (the Sammy Harkham and Megan Kelso ones touch on that subject too).

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