Thursday, December 23, 2010

Anders Nilsen - Season 3, Episode 6

cover by Anders Nilsen for Big Questions #15

Thien is back just in time for you to listen during your holiday travels! (Please don't take it out on the car in front of you. Drive safe!) As a very special Christmas present, Thien and Rina get to talk to the very talented comics artist, Anders Nilsen about the debut of Big Questions #15, the final issue of his critically-acclaimed comic series. It's a great discussion about art and Ander's WICKED (yes, we wrote that) skateboarding skills! And, the holidays would never be bright without a chat with our new comics friend, Josh Frankel, despite the fact he depresses us with tales of woe about a certain comics store in Berkeley. Also, Thien shares some interesting ideas for your next Kickstarter project! So, get into the spirit and listen in!

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