James Sturm - Season 2, Episode 7

The night before James Sturm decided to quit the internet, he spent an hour walking his dog and talking to the Comix Claptrap. We had no idea what his plans were the following day. Our only hope is that we weren't the straw that broke the camel's back. James talked to us about his new book, Market Day, published by Drawn & Quarterly, creating the Center for Cartoon Studies in White River Junction, VT., his comics begining and influences, and for mainstream fanboys, Unstable Molecules! It's an inspiring interview that will make you want to quit everything and start making comics!

Also, Thien, Rina and Josh discuss their experience at the recent bewildering Wondercon in San Francisco. Have a listen because we're back to 90 minute episodes!


Ras Yeti said…
Time to fire Josh.
New Comic Book Guy who doesn't buy new comics isn't doing his job.

As for "Graphic Novels" you should get, if you're not reading 'The Walking Dead' you're missing out. And I think they just put out a Marshal Law Omnibus or they're about to. That stuff is top fucking drawer!
johnisaacson said…
ha ha I like how Simon the Swedish cartoonist got "unrecommneded" I recommend more unrecommending!
Mr. Personality said…
there's no MP3 download link for this post. thanks.

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