Thursday, December 23, 2010

Anders Nilsen - Season 3, Episode 6

cover by Anders Nilsen for Big Questions #15

Thien is back just in time for you to listen during your holiday travels! (Please don't take it out on the car in front of you. Drive safe!) As a very special Christmas present, Thien and Rina get to talk to the very talented comics artist, Anders Nilsen about the debut of Big Questions #15, the final issue of his critically-acclaimed comic series. It's a great discussion about art and Ander's WICKED (yes, we wrote that) skateboarding skills! And, the holidays would never be bright without a chat with our new comics friend, Josh Frankel, despite the fact he depresses us with tales of woe about a certain comics store in Berkeley. Also, Thien shares some interesting ideas for your next Kickstarter project! So, get into the spirit and listen in!

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Warren Craghead - Season 3, Episode 5

a page from Warren Craghead's The Surf and The Face

We make one last special guest co-host episode before Thien comes back, and it's a doozy! This time Rina shares the mic and some quality laffs with Renee French, cartoonist extraordinaire and author of the critically-acclaimed H-Day. In this episode, they get to talk to the one and only, Warren Craghead about inspirations, his unique take on comics and art-making, the drawing process as well as a shocking secret that he finally reveals to Rina about his family history. Also we talk new comics with always-classy Josh Frankel. This is one of our favorites and I'm sure it will be one of yours too! Hear it!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Carol Tyler, Season 3, Episode 4

cover of Carol Tyler's "You'll Never Know, Book Two: Collateral Damage" (Fantagraphics)

While Thien is still on suspended leave, thinking of all the wrong he has done, The Comix Claptrap welcomes cartoonist and screenprinting master, Dan Zettwoch as our special guest co-host! In this episode, Dan and Rina get to interview inspiring and funny cartoonist and painter Carol Tyler! We talk about the latest volume of her graphic novel series You'll Never Know, Book Two: Collateral Damage and the research and preparation involved in sharing a deeply honest portrait of her family and her father's experience during World War II. We also talk about our time at the 2010 Alternative Press Expo and new comics from the con with good buddie, Josh Frankel. A lot of good, positive stuff in this one before Thien comes back in full force -- so don't miss it!

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Megan Kelso - Season 3, Episode 3

cover art by Megan Kelso, Artichoke Tales (Fantagraphics Books)

The show producer suspended Thien from the podcast and in his stead, Lark Pien, cartoonist, artist, painter and Thien's better half, joins Rina in hosting this most calming episode of the Claptrap. Who will be the Bad Cop now? We'll see. Lark and Rina have the esteemed honor of talking to comic book artist and writer Megan Kelso about her new book Artichoke Tales, her minicomic beginnings with Girlhero and Highwater Books, and her editing experience with Scheherazade, as well as juggling comics and a family. Whew! We also talk to Josh Frankel (He didn't quit the show yet) about the newest issues of Love and Rockets, Palookaville, as well as childrens comics from France. We had a lot of fun this time around, maybe you will too! Listen in!

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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Brian Ralph - Season 3, Episode 2

a panel from Brian Ralph's Daybreak (Bodega)

This time Rina and Thien get to admire the funny and inspiring cartoonist, Brian Ralph (Cave In, Climbing Out, Daybreak) and talk about the new Fort Thunder anthology, Monster, as well as his approach to comics-making, toy-designing, screenprinting, comics teaching, trash-talking Rina's favorite football team... Dang, this guy is multifaceted! Also of course new comics with Mr Josh Frankel and a "quaint" industry award idea from Thien. You don't want to miss this episode! Press PLAY!

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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Dan Clowes - Season 3, Episode 1

a panel from Dan Clowes' Wilson
(published by Drawn & Quarterly)

Oh wow, have we been away for a long time! Rina went on a "tour" for her book, and Thien... well, Thien changed his voice. For this season premiere, we dared to dream big, and our dream actually came true: Mr. Dan Clowes sits down to chat with us on topics ranging from Pogs to coffee shop blind dates. The experience was so mind-numbing, it induced Thien to asthmatic coughing fits. We also kick off Season 3 with yet another Ignatz awards rant and desperate plea to SPX voters by Thien, and reunite with now-veteran New Comics newsie, Ignatz-nominated Josh Frankel. This is one episode to remember so we hope you enjoy it!

("Errata Stigmata" Alert: In this episode, Rina incorrectly says that the last Comix Claptrap episode was with Dylan Horrocks. However the last episode was with James Sturm. Though James probably forgot that too. Also, the name of the comic that Rina forgets during the New Comics Reporting segment is called Birchfield Close by Jon McNaught... beautifully printed... You can get it at Nobrow Press. )

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Friday, April 9, 2010

James Sturm - Season 2, Episode 7

The night before James Sturm decided to quit the internet, he spent an hour walking his dog and talking to the Comix Claptrap. We had no idea what his plans were the following day. Our only hope is that we weren't the straw that broke the camel's back. James talked to us about his new book, Market Day, published by Drawn & Quarterly, creating the Center for Cartoon Studies in White River Junction, VT., his comics begining and influences, and for mainstream fanboys, Unstable Molecules! It's an inspiring interview that will make you want to quit everything and start making comics!

Also, Thien, Rina and Josh discuss their experience at the recent bewildering Wondercon in San Francisco. Have a listen because we're back to 90 minute episodes!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Gabrielle Bell - Season 2, Episode 6

A panel from Gabrielle Bell's story, "Brooklyn".

In this dazzling episode, The Claptrap crew talk to the delightful and insightful cartoonist, Gabrielle Bell, who discusses her latest adventures of bringing new "Lucky" comics to the Internet! We also do some cartoonist impressions, talk about Swedish comics, share vitamin water with our always-ecstatic New Comics reporter and cartoonist Josh Frankel. Oh, and as requested, we've shortened the podcast down to *almost* an hour -- trimming some of the fat just in time for Spring!!

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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Steve Weissman - Season 2, Episode 5

In this episode, Thien tries to convince Rina to join a new comics revolution, while Josh continues to share his love for Japanese manga as well as a new comic from Paul Grist. Better still, Thien and Rina get to talk to Harvey Award-winning and Ignatz-nominated, Steven "Ribs" Weissman who has a new book out with Fantagraphics Books called Chocolate Cheeks. In this interview, Steven talks about the origin of the Yikes! gang, shares his insight on juggling comics-making with having a family, and discusses his web comics "Barack Hussein Obama" and his contributions to the "What Things Do" comics website. We also try, in vain, to get more LA cartoonist gossip. You don't want to miss this, listen in!

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dylan Horrocks - Season 2, Episode 4

Thien and Rina have the huge honor of interviewing distinguished comic artist and writer, Dylan Horrocks, whose celebrated comics masterpiece, "Hicksville" has just been re-released with a beautiful new edition published by Drawn and Quarterly. In this episode, Dylan talks about his personal journey in comics-making since the first printing of "Hicksville", as well as his revealing experiences writing for mainstream comics, the decision to serialize his comics on the internet, and the inspiring comics scene in New Zealand.

We also chat with our lovely New Comics reporter, cartoonist and buddy Josh Frankel about new work by Lewis Trondheim, Oliver East, Matt Dembicki, as well as McSweeney's Panorama. We are really happy about this episode, and hope you will be too -- have a listen!

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Lark Pien - Season 2, Episode 3

In this episode, Thien accuses Rina of child neglect for going on a book tour. Nice! Most importantly though, the two finally get to interview a very special guest, talented cartoonist and painter, Lark Pien. Lark talks about her newest book, Long Tail Kitty (published by Blue Apple Books) as well as her comics beginnings, working on children's books, and her various upcoming projects. (Geez, this lady is very busy!) We also talk new Japanese comics and Stan Sakai's Usagi Yojimbo with our friendly, neighborhood New Comics reporter, Josh Frankel. So, give a listen, it's a fun one! Oh, and, Happy M-Day everyone!

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Monday, January 18, 2010

Johnny Ryan - Season 2, Episode 2

We kick off 2010 with comic artist, Johnny Ryan, creator of the painfully hilarious Angry Youth Comix, as well as Comic Book Holocaust and Blecky Yuckarella strips. In this episode, we talk to him about his newest book, Prison Pit, Book 1, his comics process, and rate who is the best fighter in comics. We also share our latest finds from the 2009 Alternative Press Expo with our very own Josh Frankel, as well as discuss this whole business about cartoonists having babies all of a sudden. What's that about!?! Have a listen!

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