Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Episode 10 - Hellen Jo and Calvin Wong

Hello friends! Thien and Rina are back...again (Rina had a terrible cold last month)! This time they sit down with cartoonists Hellen Jo (Jin and Jam #1, Blister) and Calvin Wong (Ramble On #1, Hattie et Millie) and have a fun-filled conversation about cheese-filled hot dogs, Calvin's hair, noise art, and of course COMICS! And no episode would be complete without our new comics correspondent, Josh Frankel who might or might include a new Euro comic among his latest finds at Comic Relief. Join the party!


looka said...

Kinda weird that you badmouthed the Covered Blog. Do you really think it's it's intention or pose to be better than the original? I see it more as a tribute of sorts - to the artists and the books. Or just having fun with it. If I'm not all wrong that's what it is about mostly. If you ask Robert Goodin what's up with it he'll possibly clear it up for you.

Maybe I don't get your humor 'cause I'm new to the show. Anyway it would be cool of you to throw your Jim Lee style cover in. I heard say it would be great to see indy stiles covered mainstream wise on that Blog.

Alan Moore is ridiculous? He might not be the greatest of all time and I sure as hell am not a cultist or anything, but that's just crap. Can't you find anything funnier to say? You sure throw around some other good jokes.

Oh, thanks for the Hellen Jo interview!

Sid Clark said...

no MP3 link?