Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Episode 9 - Andrice Arp and Jesse Reklaw

(L-R) paintings by Jesse Reklaw and Andrice Arp

Welcome back, friends!

Thien, Rina and Josh ring in 2009 with an action-packed episode full of new comics and wonderful surprises. And what better way to start the year off right than to have a funny and inspiring conversation with two of our favorite cartoonists Andrice Arp (Mome, Hi-Horse) and Jesse Reklaw (Night of Your Life, Bluefuzz). Give a listen to our special almost-two hour episode!


Hob said...

Hey! Wow! Congratulations!

Rina - I don't know which is lamer: you announcing your big news to your friends via A PODCAST... or me telling you Congratulations!!! via A BLOG COMMENT. Strange days.

Anyway, the comics part of the show was good too. I learned stuff about Jesse and Andrice and Portland and all. And thanks to Jesse for the unsolicited shout-outs.

Thien, you know I totally used to design book covers with the goal of making your table look bad when you tried to sell them. I'm glad this effort did not go unnoticed.

Ras Yeti said...

Congratulations! You should name your baby Jim Lee. Good for a boy or a girl.

Rob Clough said...

big congrats to Rina! I only just listened to this episode of the claptrap just now (my wife and I just had a baby ourselves), so I'm a little late to congratulate you.

good luck and let Ken pamper you!

--Rob Clough