Monday, September 29, 2008

Episode 1 - Our very first podcast

(self-portrait by Vanessa Davis)

In this inaugural episode, Rina eats bean dip and moons over Lynda Barry while Thien throws a tantrum about the Ignatz awards. We also get to chat with esteemed cartoonist, Josh Frankel about new comics from Comic Relief, and round out the podcast with a fun and insightful interview with cartoonist creator of the book Spaniel Rage, Vanessa Davis. Intro music by Scrabbel.

ps. Thien doesn't really know what he's talking about in this episode, especially about Ignatz judging guidelines. Stay cool!


Ras Yeti said...

That was highly entertaining. Thanks for the ha ha's. I'll be mos def be listening next time!

Alan said...

Yeah- it was fun to hear cartoonists being all catty like I'm used to them being in real life (I'm including myself here).

I could live without munching and crunching of food as you're talking though. Also, some of your 'p's almost blew my car speakers!

I thought the Ignatz rant was interesting. I hadn't thought about it like that . The con-goer voting seems democratic, but especially with mini-comics and promising talent, it does come down to a vote on what you've heard of, instead of what's the best. I find the nominee list to more useful than the winners list. I also went back and checked the winners for the most promising talent category for all the years, and it does seem kind of meaningless with benefit of hindsight.

Matthew S. said...

Great show, good to have another podcast devoted to alternative comics. There are only a few others. I hope you guys stay with it.

Casper said...

I just started listening to this a week ago and it's quickly become one of my very favourites. I came across it when searching for Clowes in podcasts and from there I went back to the beginning.

As to the chip munching, I actually kind of like it. I find it somehow soothing/comforting to hear people munching or occupied by things like that, just as how I like sitting in a library and hearing people rustle paper and so forth as they work. I don't know what it is exactly...